Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

If you have a dog or a cat that sheds, you know that pet hair can be a real problem for your home. It gets everywhere -- especially on furniture. Leather furniture is easiest to remove hair from, but if your sofas, recliners, lift chairs, and massage chairs are fabric, removing your pet’s hair is a difficult task. Odds are, you’ve tried everything from a lint roller to a vacuum cleaner attachment to no avail. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to take the “fur” out of your furniture.

If you have ever been on your hands and knees with a lint roller or roll of tape trying to remove every inch of pet hair, there’s one simple trick that will get the job done. To remove hair from upholstery or fabric, all you need is a rubber glove. Simply put on the glove, dampen it with water, and brush your hand over the furniture to attract hair. For harder-to-reach hair, move your gloved hand in a circular (wax on, wax off) motion and watch the hair stick to your glove or clump up on the furniture. To remove the clumps, break out your trusty lint roller or vacuum attachment -- the hair is much easier to pick up in clumps. Rinse off the glove to remove the hair and repeat the process as needed.

If you do not have gloves, there are a few other methods to simplify the process of removing pet hair. The glove can be substituted with a damp sponge for the same effect. Dryer sheets can be used to remove fur as well -- it will magnetize to the sheet. Finally, lightly spraying a mixture of fabric softener and water and using a damp towel or washcloth to wipe off the hair is effective as well. You don’t have to spend hours meticulously removing each piece of hair -- there are plenty of simple ways to make your furniture fur-free. Good luck!
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Recliner Features

Life offers few pleasures more enjoyable than coming home after a long day and sitting down in a recliner. The soft cushions, and the many awesome features, give a relaxing experience that is second to none. If you’re here on our site, you may be looking to buy your first recliner, or you may be interested in adding a new one to your home or office. During the shopping process, you may see a variety of features listed on various product pages. If you’re confused by the meaning of any of them, keep reading as we define some of the most common recliner features and what they mean.

  • Rocker Recliner
  • Rocker recliners are the most traditional recliners. Using arched tracks, rocker recliners rock back and forth -- in addition to the awesome reclining features. They are wonderful for nursing mothers with young children, as well as adults who may struggle to fall asleep in a stationary position.

  • Swivel Glider Recliner
  • A very common product, and a staple in the recliner family, the swivel glider recliner is a very popular type of recliner. Unlike the arched tracks of a rocker, the glider moves back and forth on a linear path. This gentle motion is great for nursing mothers, and also makes for a great living room piece. Many gliders, like the Cosmo Swivel Glider Recliner, come with the swivel function which allows them to turn from side to side.

  • Wall-Hugger Recliner
  • If you are working with limited space, and aren’t sure if you have enough space for a rocker or a glider, then perhaps you should consider a wall-hugger recliner. A wall-hugger is positioned more upright than a regular recliner, and therefore requires less room. The upright position is also ideal for people with knee or back pain, as they have an easier time getting in and out of the chair.

  • Power Recliner
  • Power recliners are virtually the same as a traditional recliner, except that instead of having a lever or a button to release the footrest and recline function, the power recliner has a power switch or button that allows the user to control how far back the chair reclines. This function is very useful for users with varying degrees of mobility. The Eureka Leather Power Recliner combines the chaise and footrest to create a continuous cushioned piece that can even be used as a bed!

    No matter what kind of recliner you want, Lift and Massage Chairs has the recliner to fit your needs. Browse our immense selection of massage chairs, lift chairs, and recliners, and be sure to utilize our live-chat function should you have any questions during your search!
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    Who Needs A Lift Chair?

    Lift chairs can be commonly lumped in with regular recliners by people who may not know that there is a difference. While both types of chairs are similar in some ways, there actually is quite a big difference between the two, and both have great benefits. But what sets lift chairs apart, and why do people need them? There are many reasons why someone might choose a lift chair over a recliner, and a few of them are extremely important. With the holidays right around the corner, let us show you a few of the great benefits of lift chairs, and who in your life may benefit from receiving one.

    Anyone who needs assistance getting up from a chair:

    This is the bottom line. Lift chairs are designed to aid people in getting in and out of their comfortable chairs. People who have recently had surgery, have a chronic illness, or maybe have simply lost some of their mobility over time are prime candidates to use a lift chair. Getting up and out of a chair to perform simple tasks may be extremely difficult or painful. The lift chair mechanism takes the work out of getting up from a chair. The assistance from the chair makes it easy for someone who needs the extra help to remain independent. By taking the painful standing or sitting motion out of the equation, you won’t need the assistance of someone else. This can be a life-changing upgrade for many people.

    While there are many great reclining chairs on the market today, it’s important to remember that many lift chairs also function as recliners! Our line of Easy Comfort Electric Lift Chair Recliners from Mega Motion provide the great lift chair assistance, while also giving you the great reclining comfort that you’d get with a normal recliner. And fortunately, many lift chairs offer the same great style and comfort of a recliner, so you won’t be sacrificing anything by going with a lift chair.

    No matter what your specific needs are, there is a lift chair for you. Browse our awesome selection of lift and massage chairs, and see what fits your needs and budget. With the holiday season upon us, consider giving the gift of unassisted mobility to a loved one, with the gift of a lift chair from Lift and Massage Chairs.

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    Infographic: The Benefits of Massage Chairs

    Massage therapy has long been considered an effective way to relax and relieve stress. Receiving a massage is beneficial to your health in many ways -- it improves circulation, reduces stress levels, relaxes the muscles, helps with back pain, and more. However, you may not have the time or money to regularly visit a massage therapist. Fortunately, massage chairs offer most of the same benefits as a real massage in the comfort of your own home. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the many benefits of using massage chairs:

    For more information on how massage chairs can improve your health, check out this post.

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    3 Reasons to Try Massage Chairs for Back Pain

    Back pain can be distressing and debilitating -- in fact, back pain is the second most common cause of work absenteeism. If you have suffered from back pain, you know that you would try almost anything to get relief, even for a short time. However, if you feel like you’ve tried all there is to try and nothing seems to work, massage chairs may be able to help. Here are three reasons why massage chairs are worth a try to treat your back pain:

  • It’s Cost Effective

  • Along with the hot and cold method, physical therapy, and medications, getting a professional massage is a common way to reduce back pain. But what can you do if visiting a massage therapist multiple times a week simply isn’t in the budget? Then it’s time to consider a massage chair. In fact, a good massage chair is able to imitate the feeling of a human massage, as well as the benefits to your back. A massage chair may seem like a hefty investment at first, but if your pain is chronic, it can be more cost-effective than weekly massage therapy over time.

  • It’s Convenient

  • Instead of traveling to a massage therapist at least once a week, you can enjoy the same benefits in the privacy of your own home with massage chairs. No appointment needed -- simply hop in your chair any time you want! It’s also a great way to relax while simultaneously being productive. You can do the same work you would be doing at your desk from the comfort of your massage chair.

  • It Works

  • Massage chairs enhance blood flow, relax muscles, and improve skeletal structure to help reduce back pain. In a short 20 or 30-minute session, massage chairs can increase the release of endorphins to help you feel relaxed and at ease. In addition, many massage chairs feature a heating function that can warm your lower back and provide relief. To read more about the health benefits of massage chairs, check out this post.

    A Great Alternative to Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy is regarded as an effective and natural way to reduce back pain, and it can also help you relax and reduce the anxiety that comes along with it. Massage chairs are a great alternative to visiting a massage therapist. They offer the same benefits and can be more cost effective and convenient as well. If you are looking for relief from back pain, a massage chair may be the right option.

    How to Protect Your Furniture from Cats

    You’ve just received your new leather recliner. It’s soft, comfortable, made of high-quality, buttery leather, and you can’t wait to try it out. Your cat is excited too -- cats love to scratch on soft things that they can sink their claws into, and your new chair looks like the perfect scratching post. However, there are a few ways you can minimize scratching and keep your furniture in good condition:

  • Take Preventative Measures
  • Starting with the source of the problem -- your cat’s claws -- is the first step in keeping your furniture from getting shredded. Clipping his or her nails regularly is an effective and non-painful way to deter destructive scratching. Also, you can purchase vinyl nail caps (like Soft Paws)  to make your cat’s claws less sharp. These are great alternatives to declawing, which can be extremely painful for your cat.

  • Discourage Scratching on Furniture
  • You can also prevent your cat from scratching up that brand new leather massage chair by making it less appealing to him or her. Cats hate the smell of citrus, so you can spray your furniture with citrus scents to keep them away. Or, because they enjoy scratching soft objects, they can’t stand hard, noisy materials like aluminum foil. Place pieces of foil on your furniture when you’re not home to convince your cat that it’s not a fun thing to scratch. Spray bottles are also a popular way to discourage bad behaviors, but be careful -- spraying your cat with water may help in the long run, but he or she will soon learn to scratch your furniture when you aren’t around.

  • Provide an Alternative
  • Scratching is a normal and natural behavior for all cats -- they use it as a way to mark their territory, stretch their muscles, or simply to play. Thus, once you have made your leather furniture undesirable to your cat, you must present him or her with an alternative option. A scratching post is practical and a great way to train your cat to scratch elsewhere. Place the scratching post in an area where your cat spends a lot of time, and sprinkle catnip around the post to draw his or her attention to it. This will encourage your cat to scratch on their own post instead of your treasured new furniture.

    Don’t let your cat(s) keep you from purchasing leather furniture. Now that you know how to protect your furniture from your cat, check out our large selection of high-quality leather recliners and massage chairs, such as the Lane leather recliners or the Barcaloungers.  
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    Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

    Massage chairs are commonly associated with relaxation and comfort, but many people don’t realize how many health benefits are associated with massage chairs. Massage chairs can provide pain relief, sore muscle relaxation and increase mobility. Below, we have listed a few of the benefits of massage chairs, and what they may be able to do for you.

    Relaxes the Muscles and Reduces Pain

    Massage chairs are widely known for just that, massages. But the benefits of massage go far beyond simple relaxation. Massage chairs are designed to pinpoint pain areas and massage away the muscle tension and relieve the pain. Combining heat therapy, 3D imaging, and deep kneading technology, many modern massage chairs offer a truly therapeutic experience.  

    Improves Circulation

    It is a proven fact that a deep-tissue massage will get your blood flowing. Having good blood circulation is vital for your body to function at a high level. Tense muscles can restrict blood flow, which reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen that are transported to your muscles and organs. Quality massage chairs use either air pressure or vibration to really stimulate the muscles. Regularly engaging in massage therapy has also proven to help reduce high blood pressure.

    Aligns the Spine

    When in a reclined state, the spine experiences less pressure and strain. This allows vertebrae and the spinal erector muscles to relax, which can take pressure off of the nerves that run through the spine. When the spine is in this relaxed state, it can regain its natural alignment. When the spine is in its natural, elongated state, the nerves are freed and can function normally.

    When considering the purchase of a massage chair, make sure that you take the time to fully research the amazing features that these advanced chairs have to offer. Chairs such as the Apex Pro Regent have 4D technology capable of protruding up to 9 cm, resulting in a deep tissue massage to loosen layers of muscles and soothe tension. The OS-4000CS can offer zero gravity massage and lumbar heat therapy! No matter which chair you choose, the health benefits go far beyond massage. The features in these amazing chairs can help relieve pain, improve circulation, align your spine, and improve your quality of life.
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    Is Massage Therapy REALLY Beneficial?

    As of today, there is very little information known about massage chairs being an effective stress management tool. Massage therapy has a long history in cultures around the world.

    Today, people use many different types of massage therapy for a variety of health-related purposes. According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, an estimated 18 million U.S. adults and 700,000 children had received massage therapy in the previous year.

    People use massage for a variety of health-related purposes, including to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, reduce back pain, reduce headache, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness. However, scientific evidence of health benefits of using massage chairs is limited.

    Researchers are not yet certain what changes occur in the body and mind during massage, whether they influence human health and if so, what are the health benefits?

    Recently, Luraco Technologies introduced their latest technological research and development of iRobotics 7 (i7) medical massage chair. The Stress Relief Center at Weber State University performed a study to answer the above questions and identify the purposes for which massage may be most helpful. The method and results of the study are presented in this paper (click here to read full report).

    Here's a brief summary of the results:

    •  Participants stress levels dropped 44% after using the massage chair
    •  Stress related pain was reduced by 47%
    •  The average blood pressure dropped from 114/76 to 110/73
    •  Participants hearts rates were reduced by 8%

    The study concludes that use of the iRobotics i7 massage chair has many positive health benefits. Particularly, it helps reduce stress levels, stress related pain, blood pressure, and heart rate.

    If you would like to learn more about this massage chair, please click here.

    Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair

    Recliner Terms - What Do These Phrases Mean?

    living room recliners

    Here are some important terms to know when choosing a recliner:

    • 2-way recliner/lift chair: These chairs recline 90 degrees and make for comfortable reading, relaxing, and TV viewing.
    3-way recliner/lift chair: These chairs recline approximately 145 degrees and accommodate resting in addition to reading, relaxing, and watching TV.
    Rocker recliner: Rocker recliners are able to recline and rock.
    Swivel rocker recliner: These chairs have a multifunction base that allows full reclining, 360-degree swivel, and rocking motion.
    Swivel glider recliner:A similar base to the swivel rocker recliner allows full reclining, 360-degree swivel, and gliding motion.
    Lift chair: A recliner built for people with limited mobility. It's equipped with an electric motor to provide a smooth transition between standing, sitting, and reclining.
    Power Recline: An electric motor allows you to recline simply by touching a button. Some models have memory presets for added convenience.
    Chaise Lounger: Added padding closes the gap between the seat and footrest for continuous support and comfort.
    Wallaway: This exclusive feature sets Berkline recliners apart from the rest by allowing full reclining even when the furniture is placed within inches of the wall.

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      Caring for Leather

      caring for leather recliners

      Leather furniture has many advantages: it's easy on the eyes, durable, comfortable, and can work well in both traditional and contemporary design schemes. Keeping it looking great and maintaining the integrity of the grain requires some easy maintenance. Here are some quick tips on leather care for reclining sofas, chairs, or loveseats:

      Conditioners and chemicals are not recommended for leather, especially considering that most leathers are already treated.

      Clean up any spills with a neutral soap diluted with water. Use a dry, soft, white rag.

      Dust your leather furniture occasionally with a damp cloth.

      If you select LeatherPlus (leather/vinyl combination), clean the leather sections as recommended above. For the vinyl sections, it's still a good idea to avoid harsh chemicals. Instead, use a soft cloth dampened with a solution of mild soap and water to clean up spills. Make sure to go over the area with a dry cloth afterward to remove moisture.

        Keep in mind that leather is a natural material, so it's normal for it to change slightly over time. Most people welcome the change, as this "graceful aging" is one of the things that makes leather leather!

        December 29, 2015 — Randall Bowman

        Is Your Recliner Too Small?

        One mistake I see consumers make often is thinking a recliner or lift chair is too small for them. Usually their belief is based on the fact that their feet extend past the end of the foot rest when reclined. Take a look at the recliner photo below. Does it appear this chair is too small for the user?

        man in reclining chair

        The person's feet extend past the footrest. So is this chair too small for him? The answer is no. The chair fits him very well. Recliners are not designed to support the user all the way to their heels. The ottoman is designed to support your legs comfortably. Take another look at the photo above. Are the person's legs supported? Yes. So this chair is not too small for the user.

        A much better gauge to determine if a chair is too small is the width of the chair and the height. If you fit comfortably between the arms and the back of the chair provides support for your head, the chair is a good fit. If the width of the chair feels tight or if your head has no support, then the chair is probably too small for you. 

        So the next time you are considering purchasing a chair, keep these key points in mind:

        • Does the width of the chair fit me?
        • Does it provide head support? 
        • Can I easily get into and out of the chair when it is closed?
        If the answer to these three questions is yes, then the chair is a good fit for you. 
        October 23, 2015 — Randall Bowman

        Bonded Leather vs. Top Grain Leather

        You see the term bonded leather advertised a lot. You’ll also see terms like “genuine bonded leather”, “100% bonded leather”, and “real bonded leather”. All of those phrases are intended to blur the line between bonded leather and top grain leather. So, what is bonded leather?


        The surface that you see and feel is actually very nice polyurethane. Good quality bonded leather can look and feel a lot like real leather. It is durable, cleanable, and less expensive on furniture than top grain leather. So, where does the term “bonded leather” come from? Take a look at the photo below.

        During manufacturing, ground up bits of real leather is glued to the back of the polyurethane. It gives it a rough look and is somewhat similar in appearance to suede. By “bonding” the leather to the back of the urethane, it makes the material thicker, more durable, and better to upholster. It is also a recycled material since the leather is simply ground up scraps of leather left over from the manufacturing process. Although bonded leather is relatively new to furniture, it’s been used for other items for years -  especially simulated leather bibles.

        When you hear the term “top grain leather” what does “top grain” mean? Literally, top grain is the outside of the cow. Leather is thick enough that is can be split into two thinner layers. The outside portion is “top grain”, the inner portion is referred to as a leather splits. The splits have to be stamped to give it a leather-like grain to appear more like top grain. Leather splits are often used to upholster the parts of furniture that you rarely touch – like the sides and outside back of a recliner. Top grain leather is used to cover all the parts that you touch when seated (like the back cushion, seat cushion, arms, and ottoman).

        Bonded leather is a good substitute for top grain leather if you are on a budget and don’t want to pay extra for the real thing. In the past, cheaper bonded leathers had problems with peeling where the color literally flaked off. That is rare with today’s furniture.

        So now you know the difference between bonded leather, top grain leather, and leather splits. I hope this helps you the next time you are considering a “leather” furniture purchase.