"This is the best chair of any kind
I have ever sat in."

- Wade W, TX

Achieve the Ultimate Night’s Sleep

With an infinite variety of positions including flat for sleeping, zero gravity, and trendelenburg, the Ultrasleeper recliner is ideally suited to provide a personalized sleep experience. Whether you want to sleep soundly through the night or just grab quick nap you will find complete comfort and relaxation in this chair.

"I needed this chair for my husband who has stage IV cancer. It has been wonderful giving him an option other than bed to find comfort. This chair is incredible and really improved the quality of life for my husband."
- Kellie S, NY

What is Eclipse Technology?

The patent-pending eclipse technology includes an extra motor that provides a tilting feature cradling your body and offering more positions than any other recliner available.
Motor 1 – Adjusts the back recline.
Motor 2 – Adjusts the Footrest level.
Motor 3 - Adjusts the Tilt of the overall chair.

Recline, Relax, and Lift

The UltraSleeper is also a lift chair. UltraComfort has been building comfortable lift chairs for over 35 years. If you need assistance standing a simple press of a button effortlessly lifts you up.

"I like the chairs ability to lift my legs up as far as it does, and the ability to go back also."
- Lucy S, MI

Relax in the Perfect Position

Whether you want to sit upright relax and watch TV sleep or rejuvenate in zero gravity the UltraSleeper recliner does it all. easy-to-use remote allows you to personalize your reclining experience and reach any position with ease. Programmable buttons allow you to recreate your favorite positions anytime. The most comfortable chair you will ever own.

"Love it! Very happy customer! Back has never felt better."
- Jean C, GA

Hand Built in the USA

UltraSleeper recliners are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and use only the highest quality materials. Each chair’s life begins with superior materials, innovative designs, and unmatched craftsmanship.

We’re confident that once you try an UltraSleeper  recliner, you’ll agree that it’s the most comfortable chair you’ve ever experienced.

"Everything about this chair screams comfortable and high quality. Highly recommend."
- Wade W., TX


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