If you have a dog or a cat that sheds, you know that pet hair can be a real problem for your home. It gets everywhere -- especially on furniture. Leather furniture is easiest to remove hair from, but if your sofas, recliners, lift chairs, and massage chairs are fabric, removing your pet’s hair is a difficult task. Odds are, you’ve tried everything from a lint roller to a vacuum cleaner attachment to no avail. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to take the “fur” out of your furniture.

If you have ever been on your hands and knees with a lint roller or roll of tape trying to remove every inch of pet hair, there’s one simple trick that will get the job done. To remove hair from upholstery or fabric, all you need is a rubber glove. Simply put on the glove, dampen it with water, and brush your hand over the furniture to attract hair. For harder-to-reach hair, move your gloved hand in a circular (wax on, wax off) motion and watch the hair stick to your glove or clump up on the furniture. To remove the clumps, break out your trusty lint roller or vacuum attachment -- the hair is much easier to pick up in clumps. Rinse off the glove to remove the hair and repeat the process as needed.

If you do not have gloves, there are a few other methods to simplify the process of removing pet hair. The glove can be substituted with a damp sponge for the same effect. Dryer sheets can be used to remove fur as well -- it will magnetize to the sheet. Finally, lightly spraying a mixture of fabric softener and water and using a damp towel or washcloth to wipe off the hair is effective as well. You don’t have to spend hours meticulously removing each piece of hair -- there are plenty of simple ways to make your furniture fur-free. Good luck!
December 28, 2016 — Bold Apps

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