caring for leather recliners

Leather furniture has many advantages: it's easy on the eyes, durable, comfortable, and can work well in both traditional and contemporary design schemes. Keeping it looking great and maintaining the integrity of the grain requires some easy maintenance. Here are some quick tips on leather care for reclining sofas, chairs, or loveseats:

Conditioners and chemicals are not recommended for leather, especially considering that most leathers are already treated.

Clean up any spills with a neutral soap diluted with water. Use a dry, soft, white rag.

Dust your leather furniture occasionally with a damp cloth.

If you select LeatherPlus (leather/vinyl combination), clean the leather sections as recommended above. For the vinyl sections, it's still a good idea to avoid harsh chemicals. Instead, use a soft cloth dampened with a solution of mild soap and water to clean up spills. Make sure to go over the area with a dry cloth afterward to remove moisture.

    Keep in mind that leather is a natural material, so it's normal for it to change slightly over time. Most people welcome the change, as this "graceful aging" is one of the things that makes leather leather!

    December 29, 2015 — Randall Bowman

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