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The culmination of three years of dedicated development, the Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair is unique with advanced features that delivering unparalleled massage. The Model 3 features 9 U.S Invention Patents and 3 Patents Pending, showcasing the innovation that sets Luraco apart. Features like: Dual 3D Butterfly Technology - TWO sets of rollers working their magic on your neck, shoulders, back, and glutes. The Split L-Track extends a generous 60 inches. A Full-Body Stretching featurethat’s like a personal yoga. Convenient Side Entry design, Three-Stage Footrest Massage, Body Scan, and Advanced Air Compression to knead away those knots. With Zero Gravity positioning, a sleek Wireless Touchscreen-Remote, and Voice Control for the ultimate hands-free experience. There is also a Memory function, USB, Bluetooth, 6 Massage Styles with 5 Levels of Intensity, and Noise Reduction. Plus, it's Big & Tall friendly, made in the USA, and comes with a bonus Blood Pressure Monitor. The Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair is designed to accommodate Big & Tall users from 4'7" - 6'10" tall and up to 300 pounds.

i9 Max Massage Chair Features

Dual 3D Engines w/ Butterfly Technology (Patented)

More massaging area is covered by the Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL medical massage chair thanks to its two sets of 3D Butterfly rollers. The dual-style roller located in the top body is ideal for massaging the neck and shoulders while the second "Butterfly" massage roller is a quad style covering the middle back and glute region, The massage you get from using both rollers at once is incredible.

60" Split L-Track (Patented)

In the past, massage chairs were made with either an “L-Track” or an “S-Track” (both have good features but both tracks also have limitations). The SPLIT L-TRACK takes all the benefits of an L-Track chair while also delivering a premium “stretch” massage that is found in S-Track chairs. It is a true engineering breakthrough that shows the power of American Engineering!

Easy Side Entry (Patented)

The armrest slides back making it easier for getting in and out of the chair. This feature is “patent allowed” and lets the elderly or people with physical challenges have a way to safely sit down while also taking up less space than last year’s side-swinging arms.

Full-Body Stretching

Get ready to be swept off your feet (literally!) with the Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair – the ultimate bliss machine! Imagine a massage that's not just a rub-down but a full-body experience, thanks to its unique and advanced Full-Body Stretching feature. It's like a spa day without leaving your living room! This chair doesn't just stop at your back; it's got your lower back and even your feet covered.

Three-Stage Footrest Massage

Imagine this: a Three-Stage Footrest Massage that's not just a massage, but a patented symphony of relaxation with an advanced roller mechanism. It's like a mini spa for your feet, and trust us, you've never experienced relaxation quite like this. Those tired tootsies are in for a symphony of relief as the advanced rollers work their magic, melting away stress and tension. Slide into comfort, activate the magic foot massage, and let your feet be pampered like never before.

Advanced Body Scan Technology

Thanks to a new super high-speed Gigahertz microprocessor, the body scan is fast and accurate. When you first turn on theLuraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair, the chair will perform a scan of your body to tailor the massage to your body type. The scan allows for a consistent massage and makes sure to hit all the right points.

Advanced Air Compression

The Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair has an all-new airbag design with patented noise reduction technology for a full-body compression massage experience with 100 airbags. Located in the armrest are triple and separate airbags that focus on the arms and forearms. In the shoulders are double and individual airbags that keep you in place to help with stretching. In addition, new “bun hugging” airbags help with thigh compression, lower back twisting, waist massage, and improved stretching. Finally, more airbags are in the calves and feet.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is an important addition to any massage chair, especially one of this caliber. The Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair is a zero gravity massage chair that offers you the benefits of this position at the simple push of a button. As you recline back, your legs will be raised above your heart so that gravity's influence is reduced on your spine and joints which allow them to decompress and relax the surrounding muscles as well. This relaxation can create a sort of weightless feeling in some people. In addition to your joints relaxing, the majority of your body weight is focused on the backrest which improves the intensity of your back massage significantly. If it becomes too intense you can easily change your preferences with the remote.

Wireless Touchscreen-Remote

Imagine controlling your massage chair with the ease of a smartphone – well, now you can! Our Wireless Touchscreen Control is not just smart; it's genius! It boasts the same platform as your favorite smartphones, ensuring that your journey to bliss is as intuitive as a swipe and tap. No more fumbling with complicated controls – just pure, high-tech relaxation at your fingertips. The patented controller is very user-friendly and is as easy as using a smartphone. You can also set a pin to lock the massage chair when not in use.

Memory (5)

With all the options to make the Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair a perfect fit, Luraco realized that in many homes there will be multiple people who will be using it. It allows for up to 5 Different User’s to save their favorite chair settings! Imagine that, it’s like having 5 chairs in one!

6 Massage Styles w/ 5 Levels of Intensity + Pause and Resume Button

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair – your ticket to a personalized pampering paradise! This high-tech haven isn't just your average massage chair; it's a six-in-one sensation. Picture this: not only can you choose from 6 Massage Styles with 5 Levels of Intensity, but each section - from your neck to your feet - has its own intensity control! It's like having a massage tailor-made for every inch of your body. And with the True 3D technology, you're in control, adjusting from super soft to intense with the touch of a button. But that's not all – the Pause and Resume button ensures you never miss a moment of bliss.

Extended Heat Therapy (Hands, Lower Back and Feet)

The heat helps to loosen the muscle fibers and connective tissues for a better massage experience while warming your core to help with circulation. The Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL offers heat therapy in the hands, lower back, and feet with five levels of heat intensity.

Human Voice Response:

The Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair can respond in either English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. In addition, you have the ability the adjust the volume or even turn it off.

Full Premium Leather:

The Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair is made of luxury-level car-quality full leather making it the only chair available today fully made of leather. I've personally touched all of the swatches and they're buttery soft and a noticeable upgrade.

USB Charger

Ever dreamt of getting a massage while your gadgets power up? Well, dream no more! The USB Charger feature lets you charge up your devices while you recharge your body and soul. Imagine sinking into the premium leather comfort, feeling those Dual 3D Butterfly rollers do their magic, all while your phone gets a boost.


not only does it treat your muscles to a symphony of relief, but it also comes equipped with a rocking Bluetooth Speaker (10 W) for your favorite tunes, creating a sensory oasis in your own living room. Worried about privacy? Fear not! This chair's got your back with secured password access. Plus, with built-in 5 tracks of soul-soothing music, your relaxation journey just hit a whole new level. It's not just a massage chair; it's a vibe.

Luraco Blood Pressure Monitor (Optional)

An additional health monitoring device is supported by the Luraco Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair. Your heart rate and blood pressure are recorded by the device.


Luraco is the first massage chair manufacturer to be completely designed, engineered and assembled in the United States with customer service based in the U.S.  Research & Development in U.S.A, Structural Hardware & Leather are made in Taiwan, Electronic Hardware made in U.S.A, Software made in U.S.A, Final Assembly in U.S.A



    Manufacturer: Luraco
    Model: Model 3 Hybrid SL Medical Massage Chair
    Made In: United States
    Height Range: 4'7" - 6'10"
    Max Weight (lbs): 300lbs.
    Space Saver: No
    Warranty: 3 Years In-Home Service, 5 Years Parts, and 10 Years on the Leather
    Type of Roller: 3D
    Roller Track: Split L-Track; 2x roller mechanisms (neck/shoulders, lower lumbar/glutes)
    Length of Roller: 60"
    Roller Glute Massage: Yes
    Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
    Roller Speed Adjustment: Yes
    Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
    Removable Back Pad: Yes
    Body Scan Technology: Yes
    Foot Rollers: Yes
    Calf Rollers: Yes
    Zero Gravity: Yes
    Auto Programs: 9
    Stretch Program: Yes
    Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
    Massage Techniques: Tapping, Kneading, Combo, Rolling, Stretch, Swedish, Shiatsu
    Manual Programs: Yes
    Spot /Partial Massage: Yes
    Memory Setting: Yes (5)
    Vibration: Yes
    Heat: Arm, Calf, Foot, Lumbar
    # of Airbags: 100
    Air Massage: Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Head, Hip and Thigh, Upper Arm and Shoulder
    Airbag Intensity Adjustments: Yes
    Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
    Hideaway Ottoman: No
    Bluetooth: Yes
    MP3 Player: No
    USB: Yes
    Remote Type: Patented Wireless Touchscreen-Remote
    Timer Setting: 5 to 30 Minutes
    Upholstery: Genuine Leather
    Massage Chair Weight: 270 lbs


    3-years in-home service, 5-years parts warranty, 10-years leather

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