UC680 Zero Gravity Lift Chair Recliner with Daydreamer Power Pillow

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Daydreaming will become your new favorite pastime in this versatile "power recliner that lifts". The UC680 zero gravity lift chair recliner sets the stage for ultimate relaxation with a full chaise pad, luxurious pillow back and our new Power Pillow for ultimate head support.

StellarComfort™ lift and recline chairs instantly transport your body into a state of balance and a new level of comfort. StellarComfort positioning technology allows for a greater range of positions to help improve circulation, relieve back pressure and enhance comfort. Because the UC680 recliner electric lift chair has two motors, you can adjust the back and leg rest independently allow you to position this chair in almost any position you find comfortable.

One Touch Positions:
Sit - brings you to a neutral seated position with the back upright and footrest closed.
TV Watching - keeps the back upright, but raises the seat box and footrest for relaxation of your lower back and legs.
Zero Gravity - level recline position that supports your legs and evenly distributes your weight providing back relief and pressure-free relaxation.
Sleep - takes you to a lay-flat recline position allowing you to stretch out for a peaceful rest.

This recliner electric lift chair can also be put in the Trendelenburg position that provides a gratifying stretch while you encourage proper circulation by elevating your feet above your heart. 

Warranty: Life Time Warranty, Chair Frame, Lift Frame, Recline Frame, Recline Mechanism – 3 Year Warranty on Electrical Parts - 3 Year Warranty on Mechanical Labor – 1 Year Warranty on Electrical Labor – 1 Year Warranty on Fabric, Foam, and Pocketed Coils

Battery Backup - Each UltraComfort zero gravity lift chair recliner has a battery backup system in the electrical transformer which operates on two 9 volt batteries. In the event of a power failure, the battery system will raise the chair from the reclined to the seated position.

UC680 Features Include:
• Infinite Recline
• Two Motors
• Head rest and arm covers
• Coil spring seating
• Two side pockets
• Battery Backup
• American Made Quality - Manufactured in Old Gorge, PA