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The OS-7200H massage chair is loaded with features to provide a stimulating and thorough massage experience including heat therapy. It has all the functions of the OS-7200H massage chair plus a built in docking station for your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player. There’s even a pair of high quality compact speakers in the back rest to provide your favorite music during the massage. Press the Music Sync button and your chair’s vibration massage will follow along with the beat of the music and you can even choose from 6 levels of vibration intensity.

The OS-7200H massage chair controlled by a microcomputer that performs various intelligent massage styles and combinations, like Kneading, Tapping, Clapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Vibration and Air Massage. The chair is built on an S-track rolling technology that allows the roller heads to provide a more consist pressure massage throughout the back. Traditionally massage chairs have been designed with a linear vertical motion, preventing even pressure in the lower and upper back.The OS-7200H massage chair is designed with a set of S-tracks & 3D technology, it allows the rollers to focus on the neck, shoulder and lumbar massage areas according to body’s curvatures. This auto massage chair for sale mimics the feel of a human thumbs and fingers to enhance your massage experience.  And the multi stage zero gravity position minimizes the vertical pressure along the spine axis and enhances the overall effectiveness of the massage.

Key Features:

Zero Gravity:
The Zero Gravity feature minimizes spinal stress by elevating the legs above the heart and positioning the spine on a horizontal plane.

Computer Body Scan
The chair scans your body to customize the massage to fit your body shape and size. It uses S-track rolling technology to provide a consistent pressure across the entire back. 

Quad Roller Head Massage System
The OS-7200H is equipped with twin rollers to mimic the feel of human thumbs & fingers, enhancing the massage experience.

5-30 minutes of usage can be programmed. This is a safety measure so that if the user falls a sleep the massage will not keep running possibly causing muscle soreness.

Pillow Neck Squeeze Massage
Located in the outer part of the head pillow there are 2 air bags which inflate creating a squeeze like fell along the back of the neck. This soothing feature will loosen neck tension and compliments the roller massage.

51 Air Bag Massagers
Fifty-one air bags are accurately placed to massage the vital areas such as the neck, shoulder, back, seat, arms, palms, calves, feet and the lumbar area to add extra comfort and support.

Outer Shoulder Massage
Located on the outer shoulders are air bags designed to compress and apply a inward squeezing pressure using air massage technology. 

Automatic Leg Scan
The calf and foot massager is capable of making adjustment according to each individual’s leg length to ensure that the massage air bags are concentrating on the correct areas.

Remote Control Features
- 6 Auto-programs: The OS-7200H has 6 unique preset programs.
- In the manual massage mode for the upper body there are three options, six methods with various levels of speed, intensity that may be adjusted and three settings of width for the roller heads.
- The handheld remote has a bright LED display for easy use and operations.

  LED blue ambient lights on the side panels create a chromo  therapeutic environment when in a dark room.





Hip and pelvis Massage
there are 2 sets of air bags placed on the sides of the seat for hip compression. The Air will inflate squeezing inwards massaging thighs & hips. Seat base measures 17 inches.

Fully Automatic Recline
The automatic backrest reclines to 170 degrees while the leg rest has a 90 degree range.




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