Guardsman Massage Chair 5 Year Warranty

Protect your new massage chair from stains and damage

Protect your investment and enjoy your luxurious massage chair for many worry-free years to come.  

The Guardsman Massage Chair Complete 5 Year Protection Plan lets you relax knowing that an expert Guardsman technician can repair and clean your massage chair to a look you'll love a long, long time.

Coverage Includes:

Springs, frames, mechanisms, motors, levers, hand wands, power and remote cords
Electronic components such as power outlets, lighting, LEDs,USB ports, massage mechanisms, docking stations, etc.
Zipper breakage
Seam separation
Burns not caused by a fire
Punctures, cuts, tears and rips
Household stains such as those caused by food, beverages, nail polish, human and pet bodily fluids
  (not including perspiration, hair oils or body oils)
 Labor and parts

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      Customer Reviews

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      Best warranty I found on massage chairs

      I purchased an Apex massage chair from lift and massage chairs and they offered the best warranty of all on line massage chair sellers that I visited and the best price on the chair that I wanted.......their followup service has been excellent! this review, my massage chair is scheduled to arrive on 10/02/17......I’m excited to know that I’m worry free with the best in home service warranty (5 years) With Guardsman!